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The Home of True Friends on the Internet

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What is #Friends_Cafe?

Simply put #Friends_Cafe is a great place for friendly people to hangout and meet other friendly people. #Friends_Cafe is not a club or a cult of weirdos. We are a group of friendly people who enjoy a bit of conversation with like minded people. I think we are a bit of an eclectic group of people (well at least Debbie and I are). If you are looking for good friends and pleasant conversation then please join us.

Background information about #Friends_Cafe.

The channel/chatrooms were first started back in late 1995 by Paul Didzerekis (aka PaulDid) and a friend because of the need for more good clean channels on the undernet. Well, PaulDid decided to get the channel registered with the Undernet Service Committee in early 1996 and #Friends_Cafe has since continued to grow and become known as a place where all friendly people are welcome 24 hours a day. In mid year 1997 Paul and Debbie Didzerekis started Three Rivers Internet and moved #Friends_Cafe to web-based chatrooms and now a full blown chat server. There is never a dull moment as romances flourish and discussions can be a bit wacky at times. The topic of conversation is never the same but it is always fun and interesting. If you are a fun and friendly person you are always welcome to stop by the Cafe and grab a seat up front and join in the conversation or sit in the back and just watch the action, either way, I guarantee that you will enjoy yourself and maybe even make some new friends.

Link to #Friends_Cafe

So you have a website and would like to link to #Friends_Cafe. Hey that is a great idea! To make it easier for you to link to #Friends_Cafe we have provided this button graphic (only 636 bytes).

#Friends_Cafe - The home of True Friends on the Internet

You can copy this graphic and use it anywhere you like on your site to tell people you about us. Please use the following code to link to us with this graphic. (Remember to copy the above graphic to the same directory as your homepage).

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We have a few simple rules we ask that you read before you enter the #Friends_Cafe chatrooms. These all apply to the Message Board also. These have changed for the new Chat Server, so please read them all.
  1. No Profanity (In the room or in your nickname)
  2. No abusive behavior in any form towards other people.
  3. No Preaching, Witnessing, Prophetizing, Trying to "Save" people or in any other way trying to push your religion on other people. These are non-denominational chatrooms unless otherwise noted in the Room Name or Topic. All religions or lack thereof are welcome.
  4. No Yelling in the chatrooms. This means don't use ALL CAPS. Keep your Caps Lock turned off.
  5. No net sex in the public rooms.
  6. No asking for moderator status.
  7. No giving others moderator status.
  8. No kicking or banning other Moderators
  9. No breaking the Acceptable Use Policies for Three Rivers Internet.
  10. Make new friends and have fun.
Breaking any of these rules can get you kicked and/or banned at the leisure of the room Moderators and/or Server Operators/Administrators.

Hope to chat with you soon,
Paul Didzerekis (
Debbie Didzerekis (
Managers of #Friends_Cafe

Acceptance Policy

By joining the live chat you are agreeing to abide by the rules as outlined above and report any people that fail to follow the rules. If you don't follow the rules you will get one and only one warning (either verbal or by being kicked from the room), after that you will be banned. If you repeat abusing the rules your entire Internet Service Provider (ISP), organization, or Campus will be permanently banned from future access to #Friends_Cafe's web-based java chat.

If you have a question, Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

And now for some real fun:

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